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Okay, so:
Starting May 15 2021, the website will collect user data.
Yes yes, I know this sounds scary but I’ll explain it all right here as best as I can.
Let’s get started.


Terms of Service

This is pretty basic, straight-forward info that everyone should know without ever needing to read this. So unless you are a dumb-dumb, you can go straight toward the privacy policy. 

Here is the list of all the things you are not allowed to do here:

  • Begin a creep – don’t hug someone who doesn’t want to be hugged. (In real life, too, please don’t.)
  • Sending ara ara NSFW content – this is a wholesome website, okay? I mean, I won’t stop you, but if the recipient reports a lewd hug, I’ll ban you.
  • Spamming – self-explanatory, if you send too many hugs too fast to the same person, you’ll get a temp ban automatically. 
  • Advertising –  Don’t even try; you’ll get permaban, I assure you.
  • Humiliating or making fun of someone  – Not only that you’ll get banned forever, but I might even submit a report against you to your local police. I am not even kidding. (I’ll let the person you made shame of decide on your fate.)
  • Swearing – your “hug” will burn in hell, where it belongs. Meanwhile, the recipient’s inbox will stay clean from your misdeeds.  (Also, you’ll get temp banned.)
  • Bots – begone!

By the way, if you missed it, you can report a hug here

Privacy policy

First things first. I need to let you know why the website collet data before the “what.”

The website collects data for two reasons:

Moderation – This website’s intention is to send hugs one to another, for fun, and to share love only. Sadly, some people (or bots) may try and use the website for other purposes, such as:

  • Spamming
  • Sending adult content
  • Stright up just humiliating someone or aggressively swearing.

For those reasons, I have created an automated system that will automatically take action when those happen. Now, what does it mean for you? 

TL;DR This system of mine will “read” every hug sent on the website to make sure it’s A-OK.
If the hug is marked as wholesome by this system, it will be sent out to the recipient. However, your hug will still be kept on the server for 48 hours and then recycled in case the recipient complains about your hug.

If the hug is against my ToS, then the system will take action, and this is where things get a bit more complex: 
When the system detects such hug (sometimes it doesn’t, no filter is perfect, sorry.), then one of three things might happen: 

  1. Discard the hug and notify/warn you about it
  2. Ban you for a certain duration (or forever if you’re a filthy bot)
  3. This is rarebut if the system is not sure of what to do, it’ll send your hug over to me for a human review. (And only me.) Tbh, you don’t really need to worry about anyone seeing your hug if you are a nice person and use the website for what it was built for.


Collecting info about the community – I am not even sure I titled it right. Basically, the website collects certain data (other than the info you type in when sending a hug.) that I need in order to improve the website and see how you guys interact with it. This is what the website collects:

Data that is associated with you: 
(pretty much only to prevent spam.)

  • IP Address
  • Country / Region – This I use to know where the majority of users are located; I might be working on translations… who knows. 🙂
  • User-agent (The operating system and browser used)
  • Email and name when you sent the hug. (just the sender, I am not collecting the recipient’s personal info.)

Anonymous data (AKA, who are you???):

  • Interaction with buttons  – How many clicks per button 
  • Time stayed on the website.
  • Voluntary feedback – any text you’ll write there is sent directly to me, including a screenshot of the current page, so I can see if anything is broken.  (This cute red button on the left you should totally click)
  • Mouse heatmaps – (where users move their mouse to and for how long.)

I really hope that I made everything clear enough and that you won’t stop using the site because of this!
If you have any concerns about it, feel free to chat with me.
I am a human, same as you!

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